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Anion Sanitary Napkin

Anion Sanitary napkin/Pads

These are the revolutionary sanitary pads have 8 layers for ultra-absorption. That means stay dire and Frasers all day along.
A unique Anion strip that reduces irritation, the infection might cause you cancer or any kind of disease and odours gives you peace of mind right through your period even on the heaviest days.

  • Very soft cotton and high-quality cotton
  •   Kill hazardous insects and give them a new pest
  •  The ability to absorb the fluid faster
  • The capacity to absorb and store the liquid is 5 times more than the normal pads
  • Due to the fruit jelly and the paper, there is no leakage
  • Made from cotton cloth that can be moulded and dissolved.

The anion provides relief from the following diseases due to sanitary napkin
          ·          Unregularly Menstrual periods
          ·          Pain during periods
          ·          Ultimately heat and infection
          ·          Uterine problem


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